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Business Owner Sanity Saver

For some further words around why it is great to have help from outside your business, check out my post I do not need help – or do you?

One thing I can say with total confidence – “I have a very wide ranging background and have experienced most situations”. I have had some great Mentors along the way.

What I am offering is an extremely cost effective way to get the support you need to help steer decisions while operating your business.  Why do I offer it – because I so wished I had it many times during my businesses.

One of the keys to keeping the stress under control while growing and running sometimes multiple businesses is to seek out the right person for the task.  We very successfully built cutting edge technology businesses by only doing what we defined as core and readily outsourced/contracted anything else.  I will do the same for you, if it is not my core I will recommend who/how you can be best assisted.

I am now fortunate to be in a place where I can focus on helping and enjoying.

Monthly Business Conscience

All for One SIMPLE fee

I have bundled a range of things to help you for 1/10th of what it should cost.

  • A monthly call for an hour to review how we are progressing with the agreed tasks, review your business questions & issues.
    • This ALONE returns your investment!!
  • Available for a call any time to assist with questions.
    • Call someone who cares – ME 🙂
  • Provide you with monitoring and alerting for your website
  • Provide report on website performance
    • A great value add to ensure your sales investment is not being diminished.
  • Provide a detailed report on your Web activity monthly with your competitors comparison
    • Do you know how well you are performing, what are your competitors doing?
  • A portal where we can share tasks/documents/forums etc (you can invite anyone in your organisation to participate)
    • A place for us and any of your team to clearly communicate and manage tasks/goals.

See below for more detail on the options we offer.

Leading, Coaching, Mentoring

Importance of Mentoring & Coaching at all levels.

CEO - Basic Support

This provided the basics,

  • Call me anytime
  • Monthly 1 hr phone meeting.

CEO - Essential

This support option ads the important element of us provisioning you a shared management portal.

This allows us to share tasks and allows you to leverage us to keep you on task.  You may have something you already use, however this is aimed at focusing on senior management and change management. It also means I don’t need access to your internal systems or use your licenses.

If you do not already have this capability, you are free to create groups for your staff.

The extra cost is not the portal but the time we spend ensuring you are on task.  Regular checking and keeping in touch.

  • Includes CEO Basic
  • Task Management Team Portal
  • Allocation of time to monitor and follow up tasks

CEO Optimal

One basic thing I am certain about, is the importance of your website combined with search engines.  You need to ensure your site is delivering – the additional reports we prepare are bundled for you to share with the appropriate people in your organisation.

  • If it is slow, people will not use.
  • If it is not working, your reputation is damaged.
  • Being found by search engines is the most important online sales tool you have – make sure you are doing this effectively and not wasting money.

CEO Optimal – what you get!

  • Call me anytime
  • Monthly meeting
  • Task Portal
  • Allocation of time to monitor and follow up tasks
  • Reporting on Website performance and remedies
  • Reporting on Website availability
  • Reporting on Keyword and Web Ad performance

Some examples of what reports you get.