Business & Sales Tips

Senior Management and Senior Sales are key to driving and increasing revenue for your business. One of the major challenges is supporting them to achieve this.

Through our Sales Consulting we can assist in many ways.

Delivio assists by ensuring the sales process is reviewed and refined. We work with clients to improve efficiency by reviewing the sales process, including the tools you have available.

We improve your processes and provide better use of your existing staff and systems, right through to options of new technology and support staff.

These services are available from our experienced team

  • Sales support/customer service
  • Live chat support
  • Quote and contract renewal management
  • Pipeline reporting and follow-up
  • Debtor follow up and other book keeping functions

The following services can be delivered. We provide a dedicated local account manager;

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Product/Solution documentation
  • Sales Training/Coaching/Assessments

Delivio can provide a unique opportunity for you to get the classic combination to achieve the following for your business;

  • Increase customer satisfaction through quality service
  • Improve margins
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce costs