About GenAIU: Empowering Your Team with AI Foundation

Welcome to GenAIU, a vital component of Captain Cognition’s quest to educate businesses on smarter work practices. At Delivio, we’ve harnessed the power of Captain Cognition’s foundational material to create a platform that bridges the gap between technology and understanding.

Why Foundational Material?

AI Education: Beyond Tools and Techniques

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a plethora of technologies and tools constantly emerge that promise to enhance our efficiency. However, diving headfirst into these technologies without a comprehensive understanding of their broader implications often leads to pitfalls. This is particularly true for AI, where many rush to use advanced tools like Generative AI without fully appreciating their complexities.

Our AI Education series is not about teaching prompt engineering or copy creation. Instead, it is designed to instil a solid foundational understanding of AI in; managers, influencers and other stakeholders, giving them the confidence that their teams are equipped to implement AI effectively.

What GenAIU Offers

GenAIU provides a broad spectrum of materials that help you understand both the opportunities and risks associated with AI. We offer a simple 5-step process for each element, with detailed explanations to ensure thorough understanding. Our modules aren’t just informative—they’re interactive. Each section includes a test with 10 multiple-choice questions to cement and confirm your learning.

Upon completion, your team member will receive a certificate confirming their understanding of AI principles—a tangible testament to their newly-acquired knowledge. This certification process not only reduces your risk but also empowers your team with the essential knowledge they need to leverage AI effectively.

At Delivio Learning Hub, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize your speed to success in AI. As our partnership with Gen AI University evolves, we will continue to develop additional resources to aid your learning journey. Just like Captain Cognition, let us guide you on your quest for knowledge and business improvement. Join us today and let’s shape the future of AI together.

With GenAIU, you can equip your team with a strong foundational knowledge of AI for as little as $20. Join us on this educational journey and let's work smarter with AI, together.

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