Business Tips 7: I Know My Business, I Do Not Need Help – or do I?

New Business Tips series aimed at helping sales operations.

How can someone outside help?

For a long time, in my first years of business I found myself thinking and saying this.  How can someone outside really understand my business?

One of the key reasons I have chosen a path to helping other business owners is that I have travelled this journey and get it – I have the scars to prove it ?

Sharing 30 Years of Experience

Therefore, I have prepared a comprehensive Sales & Business Process Review for FREE.  I spent many weeks putting down on paper the major questions that need to be considered.  Not only is it done in a manner that should take little time to respond – I will also review each of them and provide feedback for FREE.  No catch, of course if you see value in something I can help with, then I am in!

I am not suggesting anyone can move to any sort of business and provide specific advice – but what is true is that there are more things similar between business operations than there are differences – especially around the Sales operations.

More of the Same

I spent 8 years in a business group with around 14 other business owners.  Some of these changed over the years, so let’s say there were between 25 and 30 businesses I had the privilege of looking inside.  Purposefully they were all non-competing different businesses.  Transport, IT, Manufacturing, Printing, Consulting – all sorts.  It was very rare for someone to raise a problem or challenge that we did not understand – why??  In the end, way over 90% of the discussion was related to some core areas that covered all of us.  Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Planning, Legal, Systems/Process.

Sure, employing a software developer is very different to employing a storeman – or is it?  Are the steps/processes not extremely similar – just the content that changes?

I say all this as a premise to my own experience managing other businesses.  It all becomes quite clear that there are many common factors.

Obtaining help?

Business coaching/consulting has been around for a long time and is a popular business tool.  What I found after having a range of consultants in to help my business in the early days, was that, like so many things with a strong personal involvement, you needed a match to get the MOST out of it.

My biggest issue was getting that extra layer of them connecting with our business, not just the process it required.  When I found that, it was like GOLD – a massive turn around.

Another parallel I would draw: I can go to 5 equally qualified and experienced sports masseurs – why is it that I connect better with one of them?  Part of the human mystery; the others will help but the right one will help all that more.

What am I saying: an experienced coach or mentor will always be of value but don’t hesitate to try a few to be sure that you get the best fit.  That way you will have a much longer-term relationship, deeper understanding and help for you and your business.

It is a curious thing, all the elite sports people you can think of plus most of the successful entrepreneurs, all leverage coaching and/or mentors.  Some of the most renowned entrepreneurs are skilled coaches themselves.  Warren Buffet and Richard Branson are good examples – they employ people to run their business and coach them without telling them what they can and cannot do – very empowering.

Here is a nice summary of how Richard Branson thinks, how he coaches his leaders.

So why is it that most SME business owners think they don’t need help?


It is fair to say that most entrepreneurs have a huge amount of energy and ideas often pour from them – the staff around them find much of it hard to keep up with or understand.  Having someone from outside that can highlight what is being missed is invaluable.  Employees, partner, shareholders – they are too close, too involved.

What I noticed as I travelled through the various roles and businesses is that when something was brought to my attention – I already knew how to do it properly; but in the busy hectic environment of growing a business, some things slip, I need to bring my focus back.

My favourite “busy” story is around playing squash, when you are on the court and everything is happening so fast, having someone watching and reminding you of what to pay attention to is of high value.

If you are a CEO or Owner and interested in some input, drop me a note via our contact form and I can arrange access to our Free review. Select Sales Process Review

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