Delivio Brings Impro Talks – Transforming Change into Opportunity

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Using AI to Enhance Team Performance and Adaptability

This session will focus on How AI Delivers Continuous Improvement and Acceleration in a changing workplace.

Who should attend?

We will be talking about how to manage real cultural change when there are changes required from people in your organsation.

  • Acquiring – how to improve outcomes by engaging before and after

  • Merging – Could be a company or departments

  • Teams – Change of structure

  • Direction – Change of focus or direction of business or unit

All of these will require a change in thinking and behaviour – a cultural shift. Book your spot to hear how AI helps this.


Join Impro and Delivio for an enlightening Impro Talks session titled “How AI Delivers Continuous Improvement and Acceleration in Mergers and Acquisitions”. This session will provide practical strategies and insights to ensure successful integration of your teams.

Joel Pineda, Director Of Customer Success at Impro.AI will be leading the session as the moderator. Joel, with over 12 years of experience in customer management in both the Waterloo and Toronto tech hubs, is well-versed in the start-up world. His approach to success leans on empathy, collaboration, systems, and design to enhance the overall user experience. 

Following Joel’s moderation, we’re privileged to welcome two distinguished guest speakers, Opher Brayer and Michael Lappen. Opher, renowned for his innovative approach to talent development, and Michael, an expert in corporate culture transformation, will bring invaluable insights to the table.

Enjoy discussion on real world experience with examples and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the guest speakers.

This webinar will also introduce Impro’s Performance Transformation Platform Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. This cutting-edge platform facilitates effective team integration by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify potential team conflicts, recommend tailored solutions and track the progress of team integration over time. It’s a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your teams performance and results.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to interact with our speakers and ask any questions you may have. 

Impro to Improve People Performance

Performance Transformation Platform Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

You can learn more about Impro here.

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