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Jasper and ChatGPT

Well, how fast is this market moving… AI is everywhere all of a sudden and is on track to definitely make 2023 the year of AI.  There are plugins and platforms appearing daily. Jasper and ChatGPT remain perfect partners when it comes to producing AI copy.
It is great to see how strong Jasper has remained in the market –  more about that later with some fantastic new features.

New Examples of AI Tools

Here are a few cool uses for AI beyond the most popular “copy” creation…

  • Do you bill time.. tools for looking back at your past weeks activity and create a summary of where you spent your time or put it directly into your favourite tracking tool.
  • Meeting notes / minutes are regularly a bug bear – not done, incomplete – us AI to create an accurate transcript, both audio files and direct from conferencing tools.
  • Use AI to learn your Calendar habits and unify multiple Calendars and automate who is available.
  • Graphics generation, we see huge advances with Dalle.E 2 and MidJourney
  • ChatGPT AI assistant built into your PDF reader.

Big Update from Jasper

Now, how about the fantastic news from – some really significant enhancements.  This will further help everyone understand where Jasper and ChatGPT fit together.

ChatGPT continues to be great for ideation, however when it come to using AI in your business and doing it efficiently, Jasper is the right tool for creating copy.

AI for Business

Jasper have made some incredible announcements, so I wanted to share.  Let me know if you want more information on any of them.

  • Jasper Everywhere – AI Chrome Extensions brings Jasper wherever you write with Jasper.
  • Jasper Brand Voice – this is an exciting enhancement that enables a business user to give Jasper’s AI Engine specific information about their company, products, positioning and values to tailor outcomes so they’re more authentic and individualized to that brand.
  • Jasper for Team Sharing – There have been significant enhancements in the functionality to allow teams to work together on AI content.

Check out more about Jasper for Business here

Jasper = AI + Automation

How Jasper delivers VALUE – putting AI into Top Gear

Templates – Recipes – Chat – Art

Jasper Accelerating AI Output

You can leverage existing templates and recipes and of course, make your own.  Add to this the new features of Jasper and you have a set of tools that WILL save you loads of time.

You can learn more about Jasper for Business here.

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