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Jasper and ChatGPT

It is not very often we follow a newsletter with the same subject in succession – we like to provide a variety of information for you.  However, following our theme of using AI for Sales we felt it necessary to have a bit more to say about the EXPLOSION of AI in the press, in particular Jasper AI and ChatGPT.

We started on a journey early last year with Jasper, then know as Jarvis.  We could see the enormous benefit it brings to Sales and Marketing to enable shorter time cycles for the production of Blogs and Posts in particular.  This has not changed – we can now add the many new AI options out there to ensure your business operates effectively and efficiently while delivering excellent customer service.

So one of the key questions we are already being asked and you will see it in news posts – does this AI capability kill off quality copy writing, graphics creation or even Google Search!!

Lets tackle these thing one at a time…

No, AI does not kill off the need for quality copywriting. While AI can be used to generate text, it is not yet advanced enough to fully replace the skills and creativity of a human copywriter. Additionally, the use of AI in copywriting can actually enhance the work of human copywriters by providing them with tools to streamline and optimize their work.

AI can be used to generate graphics, but it is not yet advanced enough to fully replace the skills and creativity of a human graphic designer. AI-generated graphics can be used as a tool to assist graphic designers, but the final product still requires human touch and creativity to meet the desired quality and style. Some AI-based tools can generate images and designs based on certain inputs, but it is still not at the level of a human graphic designer.

Google Search uses a combination of AI and traditional search algorithms to return the most relevant results to a user’s query. AI is used to understand the intent behind a user’s search and to identify patterns and connections between different pieces of information. Google’s AI technology, called RankBrain, is used to help understand the intent behind a query and match it with the most relevant results. However, Google search results also include human-curated contents from websites and other sources. So, it’s a combination of both human and AI that provides the search results.

So there you go, the above italicised paragraphs are straight out of ChatGPT – AI talking about AI.

AI for better Customer Service and Efficiency?

How about Jasper, do we need it still?  Hell yeah!  ChatGPT does a great job of responding to queries but using both Jasper and ChatGPT together gives you outstanding results.

Some Examples of AI

Here is a really great example of using AI to quickly write content

Helping to Document

In discussions the question came up “What should be included with SQL Database Maintenance services?”

Formulate the question..

Describe with bullet points what is meant by SQL Maintenance?

20 Seconds Later….

SQL Maintenance refers to the regular tasks and procedures that are performed on a SQL database to ensure its proper functioning and performance. These tasks can include:

  • Backups: Creating regular backups of the database to ensure that data can be recovered in case of failure or corruption.
  • Indexing: Organizing data in the database for faster searching and retrieval.
  • Statistics update: Updating the statistics that the query optimizer uses to create execution plans.
  • Reorganization and Rebuild: Reorganizing and rebuilding indexes, tables and other database objects to reduce fragmentation and improve performance.
  • Error checking: Running checks for consistency and integrity of the data in the database.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring the database for any issues or performance bottlenecks and addressing them as necessary.
  • Security: Managing user access and permissions, and implementing security measures to protect the database from unauthorized access.
  • Upgrades and Patches: Installing updates and patches to the database software to ensure that it is up to date and secure.
  • Archiving: Removing old data that is no longer needed to keep the database size small and running efficiently.
  • Performance tuning: Analyzing and optimizing the database performance to ensure that it runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Disaster Recovery: Plan and testing for recovery of the database in case of a disaster.


Check for accuracy and suitability for your purpose, but in 20 seconds it produces something that would have taken way longer and probably discussion with others.  I think it nailed it pretty well!

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